6 definitions by Tomme boyd

The thought before 69ing
I must be orny 9 because I see you n me in a 69.
by Tomme boyd October 05, 2020
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1. A metaphysical wrestler

2. A show on the YouTube channel Balboa Dean

3. Physically Challenged Wrestler
He's so small and weak, he should wrestle in retort.
by Tomme boyd February 05, 2020
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Creeping while everyone is sleeping :,completely oppositely the same as of snooping ; to be asleep wide awake is to be sneeping .
Don't go snooping around right now , wait and we can go sneeping later .
by Tomme boyd February 22, 2020
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One who is left behind as a tatter tot is when dropped behind the fryer ..lol
She / he doesn't want them he/she is a tattertott now that they found a new dirtleg.
by Tomme boyd January 16, 2020
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