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A man's ability to see whether or not a woman be cray cray or not
Brian's craydar so shit he ended up dating a serial killer for three months
by xJoshAndStuffx May 23, 2014

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Someone who is absolutely awful at comebacks, reputations, and retorts. Often times their replies are met with awkward stares and silence.
Bob: you have no chill

Bill: Yeah, well... YOUR MOM!

Bob: Are you retorted?
by xJoshAndStuffx October 19, 2014

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Both stubborn and in denial. A condition to describe someone so unbelievably dense that there is just no way of communicating with them.
Josh: Did you hear Ellie thinks the world will end in 2012?
Dave:...but it's 2014...
Josh: yeah. She won't accept any ideas but her own.

Dave: don't worry about it, she's just in stubbornial
by xJoshAndStuffx July 05, 2014

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