typical name for a indian gujarati boy
name also means pollen/nectar in english
a boy that can be very flirtacious, drop dead gorgeous and good looking, and knows how to work his way around all women!! loyal and sweet at heart, and known all over croydon!! He is unbelievable!!
Oh i just want to be like Parag, hes every girls dream come true!
by croydon's-baby.girl July 5, 2010
typical Indian guy with a cute smile and lovely eyes. usually suffer from a ketchup addiction, and will find the love of his life at the age of 29. Usually drives a mazda too.
Who took all the ketchup? - Parag
by bl00dmoney October 18, 2018
a machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically.
I wish i was as smart as Parag
by NooneNoseMe July 20, 2020
To make no sense and confuse others by making up rules and nonsense to suit ones own needs
Dont be a Parag
by PaRaGGGG February 9, 2022
A (male) piece of pollen which is really annoying and posseses feminine qualities. One which befriends girls who define their age as four-and-a-half, but are in fact four-and-eleven-twelfths, and has no other friends. He's terrible at badminton and female teammates and opponents beat him up easily.
omg you suck at badminton, youre such a parag. PRINCESS PARAG from PARAGUAY. i see pollen! you see PARAG? you should call it polly pocket.
by DesiGurlzzz August 2, 2010
Commonly a name given to an Indian boy. Also known as "celery" in English. Parag is has a very positive outlook on life and does everything to his best ability. He doesn't usually know how to flirt but will get his way around women. He is awesome!
Parag studied for the chemistry test for 3 hours and aced it!
by toasters594 April 22, 2010
Standing over someone's shoulder while scrutinizing them as they work. In addition, watching (voyeuristically) while employees work from a distance.
I am sorry I did not send you the email, my boss was paraging me.
by beenparaged April 24, 2008