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When someone says something to you, you ask them to repeat it and still don't have a clue about, so rather than asking them to repeat again, you stimulate a variety of different responses such as;
Nodding your Head
Smiling and Looking at The person
Looking Down
Looking Concerned

This method of reply is often useful when speaking to people with strong accents, or old people.
Dan: Wow thats a nice watch, how much was that?
Ted: What?
Dan: How much was your watch
Ted: Yes *Smiles* (Superficial Responding)
by R4inman May 17, 2007
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A scale out of 11 used to determine how dangerous a ball that is bowled without bouncing is. To achieve high on the Newtonmeter the bowler must fill certain criteria such as

Aiming for the chest or head
Hitting the Actual Player
Striking the genitalia

There has only been one 11 since the scale was invented in 1984, bowled by Newton himself whilst playing for Lancashire county in England against Sussex.
Chris:What was that on the newtonmeter?
Dave:7.9, would of been a 9 if it had more flight and accuracy
by R4inman May 17, 2007
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The Vice president of the world behind God.
Newton made up a few laws ages ago and everyone now is too lazy to disprove them, apart from the photo electric effect that someone who had no life was able to disprove. His most famous theory is Newtons Laws of Motion that state;
1)If something isn't moving or is going at a constant speed, there is no resultant force.
2)F=ma where Force=Mass*Acceleration
3)For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Newton is so clever that the 3rd one doesn't even make sense and yet still everyone agrees with it because Newton>You
Rumors say that when God was creating the world, on the 7th day he asked Newton to proof check the world to make sure that everything works, during this time Newton had to make gravity=9.82ms-2 and he had to make more than 1 type of pi, and change the spelling of it to pi.
Person 1:Newtons 3rd Law states that there is no resultant force therefore the car should be still.
Person 2:Newtons 20th Law says that you should stfu.
Person 1:Curse You Newton!
by R4inman May 18, 2007
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Just Jack, often known as Just Wack is an self proclaimed artist from London. He also has a degree in furniture design which has helped his music career by allowing him to come up with lyrics such as
"Im lovin' Mary Jane, flyin' with Lois Lane, On board a bullet train".
Says he has a writers block but is blatantly a lie, he just cba's writing good lyrics.
Released a chart single recently called star's in their eyes, in which the video featured a stock car jumping through a hoop on fire and a man in drag. His new single is absolute bollocks, along with the video that is yet again pointless.
Kid 1:Tell your dad that the TV cabinet you sold us collapsed. Whats just Jack gonna do about it?
Kid 2:I'll get him to fix you up a new one and give you a complementary copy of the Album "The Outer Market" that leaped to 781 in the UK chart
Kid 1:Thats funny, my dad released an album that exact week and he said that it also reached.....
Kid 2:OK 782 then....
by R4inman May 17, 2007
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