The sadder version of a happy or upbeat song (unless it's the story of tonight)
How does Falsettoland (Reprise) make me cry so much when Falsettoland/About time makes me laugh every time?!
by Broadway Recycling Bin November 16, 2020
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A fancy word for the repetition or part 2 of a song or message, often seen in live recordings of gospel music.
Oh My Gawd, have you heard the reprise of "Rain on Us"? It's beautiful.
by Blvstoff March 15, 2016
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Remember that time when you couldn't stop crying? You felt as if your heart was ripped out of your chest and had smashed into a million pieces? That's what this song is. It will make you cry whether or not Marvin's crying soundtrack is even included or you see Jason place the chest piece on the grave.
I have lost all ability to feel such emotion ever again after hearing Falsettoland reprise for the first time
by Broadway Recycling Bin November 17, 2020
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A comedic technique in which the performer repeats a joke's punchline so many times as to render the joke irrelevant and absurd.
The atomic reprise was first used to great effect by Andy Kaufman, subsequently popularized by Mike Myers (Austin Powers) and Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy).
by zwd26 August 19, 2007
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Mom, I'm sick of leftovers. Don't think of them as leftovers but as a "dinner reprise".
by Millie Grace September 7, 2017
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A unnecessary, usually invasive, humiliating and painful medical test ordered by a physician to get even with an unruly or disruptive patient.
"Debbie - did you notice Dr. Leibowitz ordered a full colorectal exam on the guy who came in for eight stiches across his forehead?"

"Yeah, during admission, the patient called Dr. Leibowitz a money-grubbing Jew. It sounds like a reprisal procedure to me. Excuse me. Dr. Leibowitz has asked me to mix parking lot gravel with the K-Y Jelly."
by David Wright Orange Park April 23, 2008
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