Allowing people to steal from citizens and stores openly without consequences.
1: did. You see those 10 scholars who walked out of foot locker with more than 50 pair of jordans again?

2: Give them a break, they deserve reparations.
by The_Fingerblaster August 4, 2023
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To give reparations - compensation for insult or injury
Reparate Me for making my ancestors live as slaves, you White Devil!
by December 2, 2007
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Bob: Here is $50 for me hitting you.

Charles: Thanks for the reparation.
by Skilledthis November 1, 2011
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(1) to repair something neglected to its breaking point.

(2) to reparate- the act of submitting reparations to those who were immorally uncompensated for events that brought harm and hardship to the specific minority group.
Suppose we want to show that America’s system is genuinely apologetic for administering policies that have harmed Black Americans for generations. In that case, the U.S. government should make motions to reparate those who have been affected by systematic errors. With similarities to Native American Reparations given by the U.S. government.
by ScioSAD August 8, 2020
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The two or three dollars you can inevitably lose because your order got colossally fucked up at McDonald's or Popeye's.
Fuck me, those dumbasses forgot the extra chicken nuggets and gave me the wrong size fries. And this is a fucking Diet Coke!
It's fine. It's not worth going back to chase them down and correct the order. The lost money is just reparations.
by DTSK April 4, 2018
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(American Race Relations):
The idea of countering the lingering effects of slavery and Jim Crow laws on black Americans (redlining, school-to-prison pipeline, housing and employment discrimination, etc.) with money, Welfare, and/or Affirmative Action.

Popularized by Ta-Nehisi Coates in “We Were Eight Years in Power” (2017)
Bernie Sanders, despite supporting democratic socialism, did not support the idea of reparations in his 2016 campaign.
by True_Lust July 22, 2019
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