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An economic/government system in which the government, which is elected by the people with a specific term (Refering to amount of time, not pronoun), owns the larger industrial buisnesses. It could work, particularly if the government specifically owns raw material development, so the prices for independant manufactures would be low as a result of lack of competition, which would allow the manufactures to pass the savings onto the retailers. Also, the advent of machines could allow more or less everyone to have pleasureable jobs.
Sweden is a quasi-democractic socialism.
by PoptartKing September 11, 2003
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People voting to steal other people’s money
If 4 people have $1 and 1 guy has $5 then the 4 people with less money vote to have the guy with $5 give them each a dollar, it’s democratic socialism.
by hawkboy772042 November 24, 2017
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A political ideal that seeks to implement socialist policy through democratic means, rather than violent revolution.

An offensive term to confused conservatives that think it means "communism".
You can thank democratic socialism for NASA, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, the National Highway System, the National Parks, most bridges, and the entire Military.
by Indiana Jones, Ph.D. September 19, 2016
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Sanders: Big Difference between Democratic Socialism and Socialism. Huge Difference!
Crowder: No, and here's why...
by GayFrog_100%PatriotBlend November 09, 2017
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