Extensions in restrictions aren't just affecting the business owners, since the customers end up donating to a lot of businesses to help keep them from closing.
The extensions in restrictions and trying to keep reopening from happening is fucking with a lot of people's lives, people who are not sick and have taken the virus seriously.
by Solid Mantis July 20, 2020
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Continue something after a long time interrupted (usually school, restaurant,....etc).
Begin a new semester.
by miyagi taisuki August 19, 2011
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A reopening that makes people feel a sense of morale boost, like they are the ones benefitting from stores, businesses, and restaurants not being shut down anymore. Somebody starts a petition and all of a sudden everything is open again, yet nobody is questioning whether the one who started the petition might have had something to do with everything shutting down in the first place.
The girl was the one to start the petition that reopened everything. That is a lot of power for one person to have. Wouldn't it take the same kind of power to have everything shut down as well? It seems more like a Machiavellian reopening than a true morale boost.
by Solid Mantis February 24, 2021
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Is a congratulatory term said or written to a person/business for success after reopening post the Coronavirus Outbreak.
The Mayor of Baltimore gave local-area hotels & restaurants a "Reopen-lations" letter prior to the businesses reopening for the Spring & Summer Season.
by Dunkadelic Era April 27, 2020
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Is making an online table reservation at a restaurant that is about to reopen post the Coronavirus outbreak.
We made a" Reopen table" reservation for 4 at the best Steakhouse on The "Charm'tastic Mile".
by Dunkadelic Era April 28, 2020
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A national resumption, enabled by development of a vaccine for covid-19.
The country would wait as long as necessary for a vaccinational reopening.
by Monkey's Dad April 16, 2020
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