A weird tall lanky man with skinny balls
Peron 1: Omg how was your date with grisham last night/
Person: not good he was really weird and had skinny balls!!!
by BALLSBYOTCH November 3, 2022
A forgettable book that one reads when stuck at a beach house on a rainy day. Although the word comes from the proper name "John Grisham" (modern writer), it now applies to any modern, easily-digestible, forgettable paperback book. Since the titles of such books are equally forgettable, it is easiest to refer to them simply as "a grisham".
BORED VACATIONER #1: Have you seen my grisham? I swear it was right here under the TV Guide crossword puzzles.
BORED VACATIONER #2: No, that was MY grisham. Your grisham is the one with the green cover.
BORED VACATIONER #3: Oh crap I guess I've been reading the wrong grisham for the past 2 hours.
by Brendie November 29, 2006
One of the better writers in the modern time, John Grisham has made a career of his books pertaining to the law profession, such as The Client and The Firm. Over the past few years, his writing has gone downhill as he focuses away from law and into other subjects, which take away from his reputation.
Stop writing about sports and write about law John Grisham!
by jgreader September 5, 2005
Is a good guy who everyone says is ugly but when you get to know him he is truly beautiful on the inside.
Tookie Grisham
by Kirito Kun May 13, 2015