One of the best shows ever! It is made by the same artist who made Ren and Stimpy. It's about four guys(Rip, Slab, Chunk, and Crag)who live with their mom and lab assistant Jimmy at Ripcot and fight crime. Some people believe they're gay because of the the stuff they do on the show, but they're not. The show is just basically a parody of past superhero shows and the lives of superheroes. It is a hilarious show.
Shawn B. favorite Ripping Friend is Chunk because he always says/does something dumb.
by RatchetBoo April 27, 2003
A crappy cartoon made by the once awesome John Kricfalusi who made Ren and Stimpy. Has a funny Premise (4 super heros with no actual powers except for a high pain tolerance), but mostly its just over-the-top gross out humor thats never really funny.
The Ripping Friends sucks
by I hate your Emo Haircut December 11, 2004
Gayest show ever made. It makes Cow and Chicken look like G.I. Joe.
The guy who made Ren and Stimpy truly lost his vision when he created Ripping Friends.
by fag show November 5, 2003
A shitty show made by the guy who made Mission Hill and Ren and Stimpy Airs on Adult Swim but used to be on a kiddie block on FOX.
<me>That was a Kick ass episode of ATHF, huh?
<a friend>Yeah I know lets get a beer
*A few minutes later*
<me>Awww, shit, the Ripping Friends are on! They don't even swear!
by ACDC FOREVAR!!!111 May 15, 2004
Rip and dip friends are one of those friends who would talk to you for a brief period of time and after would disappear from existence. Sometimes they will return to talk to you again briefly so they can be entertained for a bit only to disappear once again.
This usually happens online if you do not talk in person or on the phone on a regular basis. This doesn't exactly mean they are bad friends, just ones you can't be extremely good friends with.
-on AIM:

Sam: hey wassup? where have you been??
Jen: i've been around. chilling with homies
Sam: that's good. so what's new with u
**15 min. later**
Sam: ur such a rip and dip friend
by MF PETE June 21, 2008