One of the best damn motherfuckign bands ever!!!
Dickhead: "Wow A Day To Remember just really sucks"
ME: "Just fuck off"
by ITS NOT FOR SALE December 24, 2010
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A sad romance movie starring Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan, and Shane West as Landon Carter.
(based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks)

**If you watch it, make sure you have a box of tissues handy.**

It's the story a lot of good girl meets bad boy, and bad boy falls for girl.

Several people have said Shane West would have made a good Edward in Twilight. The relationship and chemistry Jamie and Landon had, and the love story in general.
Rachel: Have you seen "A Walk to Remember?"
Nikki: Yes! Shane West is SO hawt!
Rachel: I loved it! It was so sad, I cried!"

Nikki: Wouldn't Shane have made a good Edward in Twilight?
Rachel: Yeah, too bad he isn't like 10 years younger.
by jessisayswhat? June 25, 2009
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The act of fucking a chick up the ass and making her ride her bicycle home on a bumpy gravel road
After I banged that skank Kesha, i sent that trick home on a ride to remember.
by CStephens December 17, 2007
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They somehow mix hardcore, alternative, and punk music together into the greatest music ever. People who say they are repetitive or anything other than the revolutionary band they are, is fucking stupid.
I had given up on life, and life had given up on me. Then I heard A Day to Remember, and it restored my faith in humanity.
by turtleguy December 17, 2013
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Phrase: A somber decree, given to your victims after you obtain your revenge.

The phrase comes from Game of Thrones episode 1 of season 7.
You just got our boss fired!!!

The north remembers...
by Funmunke July 17, 2017
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The Remember Kids are a five piece pop/rock band from Coleraine who have been compared to likes of Motion City Soundtrack, Relient K and Metro Station.

Only formed in Summer 2008 The Remember Kids have stirred up alot of attention in a short period of time with their powerful sound, catchy hooks, heart felt lyrics and energetic stage presence.

The Remember Kids are very much the talk of the town across Ireland with a strong and increasing fan base. With thousands of fans worldwide on MySpace (

All members have previously been in locally acclaimed bands, including Rescue The Astronauts, Mornings and Johnny Go Public.

The Remember Kids have also got some pretty impressive media coverage from local paper as well as radio coverage from local and national radio stations including Q97.2 and National Radio 1.

The Remember Kids have big plans for the future with a new E.P going to be recorded on the 5th of November 2009
The Remember Kids is Tara's favourite band (:
by Tara Purdy November 1, 2009
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a film used to make people cry. if you want to cry just watch this film.
damn im feeling so depressed today...time to get out a walk to remember...
by muna05 October 5, 2008
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