Upon leaving a destination, you are distracted by an old friend. Trying to impress your friend, you immediatly pull out in the intersection and get T-boned dirty style by oncoming traffic.
"Dude did you hear about that wreck after school?" "Yea man I heard Johnny got Remember the Titaned."
by flowmastap17 December 17, 2008
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The last month of the year of the end of the decade, meme makers start making memes from all the way from the beginning to the end of the decade.

Anything goes.
Man this remember December was so lit .... I think I saw grab em by the pussy dude
by FloydBoi November 17, 2019
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Remembership is the assertion of membership within a community of individuals who are able to remember an event during a time of mutual sobrietal impairment where not all the individuals who were present during the event are able to do so.

Often associated with embarrassing, antisocial, or otherwise disruptive behaviors, though it is not inherently negative.
Remember-ship can also be used in reference to something positive: a rave, a game, or a laughable or amusing event.
"I would claim remember-ship if I could, but I was waay too fucked up."
by Wapachief January 20, 2013
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Cry to remember. refers to the fact that it is difficult to remember.

It is difficult to remember. It makes me cry trying to remember that name.
by StanleyCT August 29, 2021
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After a long night of drinking and partying, you take a taxicab home, but actually have sex with the cab driver , in the cab, or bring the cab driver back to your house or apartment. Having a sexual situation with a taxicab driver.
After the Mardi Gras party she left the bar,called a taxicab, and instead of going home - she had sex with the cab driver in the backseat. She had no morals at that time, it was truly was a "fare" to remember.
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A hardcore band with heavy metalcore influence. Very heavy breakdowns and powerful vocals.
Remembering Never is playing on friday, I love them
by 1337 Fork February 14, 2006
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A movie that everyone should see...
a walk to remember stars Mandy Moore and Shane West.
by people March 19, 2005
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