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A nickname for a person, typically a girl, who does crazy things and feels no shame. If two rellas are together, there is bound to be twice the insanity, and scandalous acts will take place. The name rella may be shortened to rell, rellie, or beelzebub.
Lamella- "Did you hear about the girl who streaked through the cemetery at midnight?"

Tessa- "No way! She must be a hard ass rella!"
by rella nicole August 31, 2010
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Slang term describing a discharge of air from the vagina, sounding like flatulence. Pussy fart.
I was hittin it doggie and she produced a rella that scared my boner away
by Rhody Joes September 27, 2010
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They are typically a couple who love each other very deeply and have strong feeling between the two. This mainly involves a boy name Riley and a girl named Ella.
"Look at those two over there!"- Girl squealing

"Aren't they just like so cute?" -Another gossip girl
" Yeah that's the Rella couple."- Deep voiced guy
by Apple sauce 27406 September 17, 2018
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