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A Usually tall girl. who is sometimes a hoe, but really cares about others. She ALWAYS stays sober, and is a straight arrow. But tempts men with her good loooks.
Hey Reilley isn't going to that party!

OOWWWowww did you just see Reilley!
by Jonesgirl July 08, 2009
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she is very funny, tall, who like Netflix and likes to swim during the summer she like eating junk food and likes to wear mascara almost every day likes to carry gum and not share sometimes.
share the gummmmmm Reilley
by Rielley June 18, 2018
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The prettiest girl you will ever meet. She has blonde hair that comes in different blonde colors. She has the prettiest and most attractive blue eyes ever.

She is tall, and skinny girl. She’s is the smartest, nicest, and attractive girl you will ever meet.
She cares about herself and others is the “Moma Bear” of her friends. She is always looking out for her friends and people who need a hand.
Woah did you see Reilley today?”
“Reilley is so nice.”
I love Reilley’s hair”
by Hello_Disney September 16, 2018
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a very attractive( man)with good taste for woman and also is highly intelligent,carring sweet

so if you are a friened of Reilley then you are a very lucky person because he one of a kind

he also has an amazing taste of music and has very good clothing choices
REILLEYisdefined to be attractive and smart
by REILLEY SMITH December 18, 2016
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