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The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. Gives you butterflies when you look into his eyes. Everything about him is perfect from looks to personality. Rege is also very very sexy with the best sense of humour! He treats his girl with respect and makes her feel so special and she loves him lots.
You could never meet anyone like him, it would be impossible.
But if you mess with him he'll knock you out.
rege sexy amazing perfect love him
by Principessaxxx May 07, 2013
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Man who has been in the public eye for way too long for some unknown reason yet always has a hot chick by his side.
What a Reges that guy is!
by Kurt Bicknell November 12, 2007
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Reges is an asshole who does not care about anyone but himself. Reges is a man whore that will stick his dick in any thing that can breathe and has a hole. Acts like a tough guy but will cry like a baby over a common cold. Is a tall and extremely skinny guy with no muscle definition. Don't let the big smile fool you he is a terrible person. If you see him out in public girls, run the other direction...he has the clap:)
Friend 1: I was thinking about hanging out with Reges tonight...thoughts?

Friend 2: Oh girl he got the clap!
by broski43526186 August 21, 2019
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