This is a new word. Cause frige has a D, but yet, the word refrigerated does not. It does not make any sense at all. This word is an object that makes things/foods cold. It does not freeze.
by JEFFWARD INGLES January 5, 2017
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A large metal cabinet machinery in which food and drinks are stored in to keep preserved and cold
Refridgerate the milk or else it will spoil
Put the leftover dinner in the refridgerator
by Billiam Beaver July 5, 2016
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A giant box that stores many items that cannot be left out.
by MagicMan2 April 19, 2017
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A refrigerator with a D inside it.
Ssakcuf: Oh, I think I left my refridgerator running.
Daehtihs: Did you say "refridgerator" or did you mean refrig-
Ssakcuf: Don't ask.
by cartography_enthusiast June 15, 2021
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(pronounced ree-frid-jer-A-tor) is the true spelling of the appliance that fridges food and other spoils
1. (said from the man of the house) "hey I am going to get this gallon of milk to a fridged point so it will not go bad any time soon. To do this, I will put the gallon of milk inside the refridgerator, the appliance that brings foods and other spoils to a fridged point as God intended."

2. (said from salesman working at HHGREGG) "Hey! Would not this Floor Freezer, an appliance that freezes foods and other spoils that lies horizontal with door on top, look nice with the Refridgerator, an appliance that fridges foors and other spoils, to match your new Kitchen, a room designed by the ancient asian cook Mr. Chen-san who carried a kit for cooking with him until he settled in one room of his house, later being called the Kit of Chen, which evolved into Kitched from the anglos who suffer from lazeranity in their speech?"

3. (said from a child who enjoys cola drinks talking to a friend)
Child- "hey d00d, wanna cola drink that is in the refridgerator so it will be nice and fridged to drink?"
Child's Friend- "dont you mean refrigerator?"
Child- "heaven's to betsy's no! A refrigerator keeps items in a state of frige, a word that has yet to be assigned a logical definition. A refridgerator keeps items fridged and may continuously refridge this items, a well logical word."
Child' Friend- "well aye say old bean, looks like you have nailed me once more with you infinite wisdom."
Child- "yes sir I have!"
Child's Friend- "so how about that drink..."
Child- "sorry...last one bitch"
Child's Friend- "well you are just a total McD00shemus Prime"
Child- "huh?"
Child's Friend- "go to and look it up"
by Xaar Xollyeux January 8, 2006
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When you wrap your dick in an Icy Hot patch and then screw someone when it gets to the Icy part.
Last night, I pulled the refridgerator on Shannon.
by Rosstopher987 May 1, 2007
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An attempt at spelling the word that means a cooling box. You were dumb enough to confuse it with fridge and once again got corrected by autocorrect.
Person A: Where can I buy a new refridgerator?
Person B: It's spelled refrigerator
by Impossibleguy November 29, 2017
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