Needing to start something over, because it failed.

Especially when cooking. Done often by A.Allaudin

What you do after you fuck something up...REFIRE
by Refire! May 24, 2011
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the unfortunate situation when a boss or leader gives you the ultimatum of retiring or being fired.
Jim was forced into refirement when his leader, Dave, pulled him into a meeting room and told him he needs to retire or he will be fired.
by theinnovator November 28, 2012
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When someone old is fired from their job and they are too old to find a new job so they subsequently retire.

This term was coined by Eugene McBride in his novel “The considerations of family, life, and firefighting
“Congratulations on retirement Bill”!
“Thank you Deborah. I was actually refired. This is a bad situation because I may lose my house over it. By the way, did you include cash in the retirement card”?
by Huge Euge the author February 13, 2020
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To be fired twice from a job you already really really hated.
After Whitey got fired the first time and they hired him back that motherfucker got refired because hes stupid
by cuz n December 27, 2006
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