Reese is a beautiful name! Even if you are a boy or girl you always know how to light up a room. Reese is one of the kindest people you’ll meet, but if you get on Reese’s bad side she/he will not be afraid to fight back. Reese is always caring and has many friends and is loved by all. He/she is very popular and one of the funniest people you’ll meet. But Reese can also be a badass. Reese cares about her/his friends/family a lot and would try to do anything they could to make you happy. Reese is a very loving person and usually has many secret admirers. But Reese only lets true friends into her life.
1.Guy/girl: dude I think I like Reese

2.Guy/girl: That’s great! She’s an amazing person, just make sure you don’t get on Reese’s bad side ;)
1.Guy/girl: ...
by PatatoPower November 02, 2019
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She is a one word girl. She can be fun at times but deep down inside she is a Bitch and shows it off. She will betray you so don’t be friends with that bitch
Person:Oh look I see a bitch oh wait that’s just Reese

Me: you where right the first time
by 1_h_e_l_e_n_a_1 December 07, 2019
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A little girl that always thinks she knows everything and if you get on her bad side she will DRAG you
Reese got mad at her sister,she got so mad she dragged her.
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by ladybug18 April 22, 2020
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Reese is very shy and talks quietly. She is smart and gets good grades. She most likely has a great sense of style and shares it with some of her closet friends. Reese is cute and kind she will never be mean to anyone. Reese is fun to be around and people love to be around her.
Friend 1: I'm so glad I'm friends with Reese!
Friend 2: So am I! She's just so amazing!
Friend 1: I know right?!?!
by Bybybybyby November 04, 2020
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