Reese is the type of person that is just flat out annoying. They are just flat out begging for attention and popularity all the time. And they always need something happening to them, so they always make drama. Not only all of that but they are rude and lie about everything. I mean come on. Even through it is both and girl and boy name is sounds way better as a boy name. I mean it’s supposed to be a boy name.
Guy 1: What’s you type dude? Guy 2: Definitely not Reese.

Girl 1: Who’s the weirdest girl/boy in our grade! Girl 2: REESE DEFINITELY!
by Robby Franklins June 18, 2019
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Reese is the best person you will ever meet. She is so gorgeous and hot at the same time. She does not have any idea how beautiful she is. She is totally boy crazy and needs a guy friend at all times! She is always down for whatever. She is sensitive about the little things and knows to think before she acts. Reese is the best!
by StayinyourLane May 04, 2020
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reese dgaf abt most of yall, yall annoying bye.
by r.forreese December 06, 2019
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Sweet,kind,loving,caring,pretty Reese is a very kind and responsible person she loves seeing people smile and is the funniest person you will ever meet she once had a boyfriend named jd he was a terrible boyfriend but anyways she is a great singer usually a tall beautiful blonde haired girl with beautiful brown eyes she is the best friend you can ever find in the world
by Reese pollard November 07, 2019
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The most sweet caring boy in the entire universe, he’ll do anything for the person that he loves he’s very loving and has good music taste, he usually is very relaxed and down to earth but at the same time very energetic, Reese is very imaginative and creative, they tend to overthink sometimes but just give them your love as they give you theirs and tell them how you really feel be truthful and Reese will stay loyal to you, they give many compliments when they genuinely love someone they always put that person first we all should appreciate Reese if we have him in our life
She’s lucky she has a Reese
by Gamergirlllll November 01, 2019
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A annoying hoe who says that there ugly to fish for compliments and can’t get drake Ingram to think she’s cute.
Reese is a hoe.
by Xylxzlghxuzlyxlyzly March 02, 2020
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