Reese is often a beautiful sight. She is the sweetest girl on the inside, but a badass on the out. Boys often are hooked with her quirks and charm.

She is viewed to have lots of friends, but actually tends to only have one or two close friends she considers as sisters. Lots of people want to get closer with her.

Reese is the crazy one out of the group. She is goofy with her friends, but very shy when alone. She is often viewed mean on the outside, but is usually actually very insecure about this, and tries to prove she isn’t as bad a people say.

She seems like the type of person you’d know everything about, but when thinking, you probably don’t know as much as you think. Reese’s are very secretive and trustworthy.
Person: Reese seems cool, but I’ve heard she’s mean.
Friend: She’s awesome when you get to know her!
by oumma October 19, 2019
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The best person you’ll ever meet, at first you’ll want to date her and have her to yourself, but you’ll realize that would jeopardize your relationship with her and loosing her would be the worst thing that could happen. Reese is the most trustful and truthful person you will ever meet and you could trust her with your whole life. If you ever meet a Reese don’t loose her.
Reese is the best person I’ve ever met

by westnep000000000 September 09, 2019
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Reese is a funny, adorable, and smart guy. You can hang with him when you feel alone. You can count on him to help when you’ve given up. He is one of the most extraordinary things in my life. If you have a boy named Reese in your life, you might know what I mean.I love him so much.

Reese is so beautiful! - HL
Girl 1: “Oh, my goodness. Did you see Reese today?”

Girl 2: “Yea?”

Girl 1: “He was so amazing.”

Girl 2: OwOOkay?”
by Hippies In The Bathroom March 28, 2019
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Reese is an amazing lover and if you don’t get the chance to be with her, friend. She is very opinionated and independent. She knows what she wants when she wants it. She has a very good style, and pretty friends too. When she’s got a get together, you wanna go.
Hey look at Reese’s boots!

I never were boots, but I envy those...
by October 21, 2020
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It can also be a guy name so if your a guy and your name is Reese good job. Your hot and athletic. And big brain.
Random cunt “Reese is a girl name.”
by Paperplate September 08, 2019
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Reese, a super hot guy who gets all the chics especially named sophia and he has a huge peen
Reese has a huge peen
by Nawfom August 12, 2019
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the biggest liar in the world. She will lie to everybody and anybody .
Person: Do you talk about me ? Reése or Reese : noooo. later Reése or Reese: I need t stop talkin about them
by cheeto Booty May 10, 2019
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