A Russian, quite often very cocky and smart-assed.

May engage in beastery, Russian cults, drunk driving, fucking anything with a vagina, and acting retarded in general.
Person 1: That kid just tried to fuck Anton's cat, then ate a fish out of Anton's fish tank.
Person 2: Oh, that's Kirill.
by Kirill Konovalov May 14, 2008
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(noun) a person who takes great pride in being an edge lord. Knows their memes, very knowledgeable in meme history, manufacturing and spread. Openly disrecpects humanitarians.

Synonyms: cunt; Rick and Morty fan; virgin.
"All our child is doing these days is watching Rick and Morty and starting arguments!"
"Oh god, our child is turning into Kirill!"
by IHaveALackOfAdderall June 16, 2018
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