To "redick" is to engage in sexual intercourse with your partner at least twice, with the beginning of the second sexual encounter no later than 30 minutes after the end of the first.
"Did you pull up that bumper and smack that monkey last night breddeh?"

"MMM hollr redicked on that"
by b ris January 03, 2010
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1. Arguably the best pure shooter in the world

2. Most hated Dukie since Christian Laettner
Did you see Redick against Texas? He couldn't miss.
by Po May 14, 2006
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to be ridiculous, and you don't feel like spelling it out
-how about a joke?
-no i was asking you for one , hehe
-lol, you redick
by AllyRose February 08, 2012
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An overrated basektball player from Duke who shot 4-14 in their loss to Michigan State in the 2005 NCAA tourney. Last year, in Duke's tourney loss to U Conn (where he choked on the last shot), he shot 4-12. The year before, in Duke's tournament loss to Kansas, he shot 2-16. So in easily the three biggest games of J.J. Redick's career, he's shot 10-42 from the field. 23.8%

Clearly, he's the best shooter in the country.
Q: Hey you know who sucks at basketball?
A: JJ Redick
by Tyler April 24, 2005
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