The best of everything out there! Also referred to as God! He also has the best YouTube Channel go sub to xRedgyx! Every subscriber has him as their favorite youtuber! Bandana=IQ
Wow you're so amazing! You must be subscribed to xRedgyx!
by K33MSTAR April 16, 2018
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To give a girl a frontal wedgie during her period. Causing her underpants to turn red.
Guy: Nice cameltoe! is that red stain blood?

Girl : Unfortunately, my boyfriend gave me a redgie.
by Chakro Z February 17, 2010
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A thieving person typically untrustworthy and of a darker skin tone
That guy just stole $40! He's such a Redgy!
by Theboy4hunna May 18, 2014
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The Redgie is the phrase describing a woman in a Romper that has a Wedgie.
That romper is really up "there", that is quite the Redgie.
by Camp town November 20, 2017
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Redgie's Role Play is a GTA San Andreas Multiplayer server, which has a ill reputation and is suffering from deathmatch (killing sprees), and people with low knowledge or basic SA:MP roleplay skill, or just a low IQ.
This is being fixed now by only one guy, Redgie, who is going to implement Cypher, an mysterious device which will bring an end to community suffering.
The community consists of two parts:
1) Server
2) Forum

The Forum is the place, where discussions are being held. They consist of discussing events, gangs and so on.
The most ill part of it is the offtopic board where lost people are posting hoping that they're postcount might increase. Spammers and no-lifes also dwell this board.
''Welcome to Redgie's Role Play!''
''/o RRP Sucks ass!''
''Unabn me!!!!!!!1!!!! Fuck Zoey_Clark!!!!!1!!!11!!!''
''Deathmatchers! Somebody get an admin on!!!''
''/report 21 HELP! DEI STOL MAI WALLRT!''
''/o 35.43.546.235:1000
/o 35.43.546.235:1000
/o 35.43.546.235:1000
Shut the fuck up!''
''/b They hax0rz''
''/l lololol''
''Cool m3n!''
''/o ghey?''
by AFKp0ison June 21, 2009
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A role playing server for faggot british geeks. They enjoy crapping on peoples parades. However they do have several very attractive, funny, and great trolls as seen in the examples below. The server is run my people who enjoy having dicks up their asses. For example, one may play gta and hit another character with a pool cue. The other character immediately bans the attacker, which is very gay. They say you are abusing an admin and not playing in character. i say they are flamming. This is a terrible server, never go on it except to spam the forums at
kevman2000, kevman2001, kevman2002, kevman2003, kevman2004, kevman2005, kevman2006, kevman2007, manofkev2000, manofkev2001, manofkev20002, manofkev2003, ilikeprettyprincesses, Mynameisdwayne, and Jesuschrist12, FYI: Redgies Role Play is flamming
by kevman2000 July 8, 2010
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