A summer dress that also has a fingering prevention device.
Is that a summer dress?
No, it's a romper. I guess she doesn't want any boys to go to stinky town tonight.
by The-kyids July 10, 2011
A large-sized cone of cannabis
"Pack me a Romper"
by Diego June 20, 2003
1. a one piece garment that was originally for children, but is now worn by girls from their teens to twenties.

2. girls who wear rompers like to take it up the butt
Person 1: Yo! I saw Rachel today, she was wearing a romper.

Person 2: well you know what they say about girls that wear rompers.

Person 1: hell yeah i do! but I already knew she liked it up the butt.
by Mr. Adama April 1, 2011
ex 1. Rob gave me a romper yesterday and my ass is STILL sore from it.

ex 2. yo kid, if you don't leave me alone i'm gonna romp the shit outta you.
by GBD? January 13, 2011
Jack: Did you listen to the new Romper album.
Alex: Yes, it made me wanna kill myself.
by Jdlp26 April 18, 2022
A ridculous costume a man who is so tremendolously sexy wears to give other guys at least small chance of getting to go the stinky town.
Lisa: fuck his in a romper but his still so sexy. DADDY give me some!
Charlotte: NOOOO his mine * starts cat fight*
by Gazellian June 17, 2017
The official garment of the female rear frontier pioneer.
Sally, wear your safari romper. Tonight we explore the anal frontier!
by Rainbow_Mafia July 29, 2017