1. What American revolutionaries would pejoratively call the British army that wore bright red uniforms.

2. A British friend you want verbally poke.

British friend: "Biscuits are not suppose to be buttery pastries, they're suppose be hard crackers made for the tea time digestion, silly American."

American friend: "I made these for you! What? You don't like my biscuits? Ok, this means war, bring it redcoat."
by Ernesto Gluecksmann January 30, 2008
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(Verb: 'to redcoat')
Redcoating is the act of groping, fondling, stroking or otherwise touching someone's arse unexpectedly and without invitation.
'Last Saturday, that guy followed me onto the balcony and redcoated me'
by Crazy Carol June 22, 2014
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Fucking a british woman on her period
I picked up this chick from London last night, she was on the rag so I had to give her the ol' redcoat.
by Mike honcho July 18, 2012
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Racist or fascist posing in a opposite fashion. A fascist in disguise.
He spoke like a liberal but was just a racist in disguise, a real redcoat.
by Muttonnut October 2, 2021
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Guy #1: Hey, man!
Guy #2: What's up?
Guy #1: Just got done with your mom.
Guy #2: That's so redcoat, dude.
by BigBluefoot August 16, 2009
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the white and red product which emerges from your lover's vagina when you ejaculate inside her with no condom, and she is in the midst of her period.
I had to clean up the redcoat a moment ago.
by pseduo p. nym December 24, 2005
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A RedCoat is the owner of a Yankee Doodle.
It is the responsibility of a RedCoat to talk to her Yankee Doodle lots and is the only person who understands the magic word "schwinggguiop"
redcoat hey yankeeeeeee!!
yankee hey redcoat!
yankee schwinggguiop!!
redcoat you know it!
by redcoat April 18, 2007
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