A big flame of fire 🔥

Wild fire 🔥

Heat 🔥

Fuego 🔥
by Moosetracks#1 February 18, 2017
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1.someone who is a regualar partier, drinker, smoker, has whoreish tendencies, and mixes with all the wrong people.

2. the opposite of a white flower
nicole is totally a red flower, she's at every party and getting drunk and taking off her pants is totally her thing.
by word_uppp May 15, 2007
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The nickname given to the Matsuguaia clan for their wide skill in Pyro Technique. Also it is the name of the ultimate Pyro Style Technique that results in suicide when used.
1. Pyro Style: Red Flower: Incineration!!
2. I will finish you..with the Red Flower.
3. He's a member of the Red Flower clan, isn't he?
by Saizo Matsuguaia March 8, 2012
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When you have vaginal sex in the snow while a girl is on her period making the snow red.
Me and Jimmy made a hell of a red flower in his backyard.
by Caleb, December 4, 2016
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a way of saying you dont care about someone elses current situation or what they are trying to do because you have shit of your own to take care of.
friend: omg ive got all this homework to do for uni and not enough time.
me : blue flower red thorns
by volound January 3, 2010
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