Averill's are always nice, friendly and positive girls. They are wannabe-norwegians, and are one of the few with insider information that Norwegians are simply the best (which is also where Tina Turner got inspiration for the song from).
by camona August 31, 2010
averille is a teenager lady, her phone number is 23887294324934448, she lives in a university, she is broke. she is very pretty. she doesnt wear anything in her hoodie lolollol
averille is a internet hater
by avorielle May 26, 2018
Small town near Troy ny out in the boonies ain't much to do except get drunk and have bonfires smoke buds and work you can often find Matt bucher cruising through town on a tractor
Have you ever been to Averill park?

No but I hear there's a bunch of sluts at jifee mart!
by Compoundkidz January 5, 2017
A smallish biggish town where the local stores accidentally put toilets in the juuling rooms.
"At Averill Park the kids are high but the grades are low."
by Sunnyskiesandbowties February 3, 2019
A high school in Averill Park, NY. Probably best known for their accomplishments in the field of Teabagging and general buggery.
You went to Averill Park High School? How do balls taste?
by McTheQuickness November 27, 2011