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A very fun -if difficult at times- indie computer game made by Studio Pixel that spent 5 years in development. It follows the story of a silent, nameless protagonist with amnesia trying to save a bunch of rabbit people. As the story unfolds, the player will meet new friends and enemies, find new and powerful weapons, and unveil treachery like the world hasn't seen since ebaumsworld.

It also has music better than most recent big name bands, and a secret level that will steal your soul.
The secret level in Cave Story stole my soul, but I got it back when I won.
by monkeylator June 22, 2007
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A very fun game where you are a robot killing a bunch of things and trying to save little bunnies called "mimigas" from a doctor that has a crown from a rock.
Guy 1: Well I'm gonna go play some Cave story!

Guy 2: What the hell is Cave story?

Guy 1: What, you never heard?

Guy 2: Nope.

Guy 1: Look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by Cave story fan. May 18, 2013
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