Its when you have sex with a woman on her period, then you take your cum and her period blood and mix them together in a shot glass and then you both drink it.
It's also very delicious.
Sullivan and Tracy went to bed last night and had a red and white, while Mike was fapping at the corner of their room.
by DoctorWhovian October 2, 2014
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Red and White Kop is a piece of shit online Liverpool FC fan forum that's moderated by a bunch of fucking inept monkeys who lock every thread because they're too fucking lazy / inept to actually do their job. And if you question them, you get banned and laughed at by users who are sucking the mods cocks in hopes of getting on their good side. Every fucking post you make will get deleted, unless it's referencing an obscure 70's TV show / movie that nobody fucking understands. Lots of users on there are over the age of 40 and therefore have no fucking idea how the internet works. Even North Korea / former Soviet Union didn't censor and delete so many opinions.
Everyone on Red and white kop.
by absolutequimm8 August 19, 2013
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Toby Turner "tobuscus" 's intro to his vlogs on his channel tobyturner. He is an amazing youtube who I watch every day. He pushes his finger against his iphone then shouts "darkness then redness then whiteness in a cool tone. He is awesome.
go to his you tube channel tobyturner and every one of his intros says darkness then redness then whiteness
by benHarr November 6, 2013
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A Budwieser beer in the red and white can...used b/c the heaviness of the beer makes it a good meal replacement for rednecks, alcoholics and sundry other drinkers
"what did you have for lunch?"
"I was in a hurry so I just grabbed a red and white sandwich out of the cooler"
by Frank 'Big Daddy' Myers February 13, 2008
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mate with anna, there was a bit of red meets white
by irn bru789 March 6, 2011
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A beautiful, witty, intelligent, humble creature.
I love that Red and White Panda
by p February 17, 2005
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when a man is about to ejaculate you take a hammer and hit his testicles so blood and skeet come flying out
that guy wanted some more excitement so i gave him a red and white hammer.
by hammer69 July 13, 2008
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