In reference to the movie, "Red October", starring Sean Connery about a Russian stealth submarine. Refers to when you have sex with someone while other people are in the room and they have no clue of what's going on until "stealth mode" shuts down and they hear one of you climaxing.
After the party, Bobby pulled a "Red October" with a random drunk girl with fifteen other people passed out in the room.
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An alcoholic beverage consisting of vodka (preferably mid- to low-grade), Mountain Dew Code Red, and lots of ice. It's name is coined from the Russian submarine (vodka), the drink's coloration (red), and the icy waters of the North Atlantic through which the fictional sub fled (ice). The best thing about this drink is that no matter how strong you make it, it is nearly impossible to taste the vodka, which leads to another parallel: the difficulty in detecting the vodka in the drink matches the difficulty of detecting the sub on radar.

Imbibers of this drink are commonly known to refresh the vodka contents repeatedly without adding more mixer, leading to a continual increase in the beverage's potency (and drinker's inebriation). The caffiene content of the Mountain Dew also creates a red-bull like energy burst which can propell even the most blacked-out soul through hours of forgotten misdeeds.
I don't exactly remember anything that happened last night. We were drinking Red Octobers.

I've been drinking this same Red October for an hour, but I've gone through half of 5th of Smirnoff!
by Morgan Martin January 11, 2008
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1. The nickname for the October 1917 revolutuon in Russia, which had the Bolshevik party (Lead by Vladimir Lenin) seize control of the Czar held Government. The birth of modern Communision and beggining of the CCCP (USSR)

2. The fictional modified Typhoon Class (Russian Akula) ballistic missle Submarine in Tom Clancy's novel 'The Hunt for Red October'

3. Sometimes 'Red October' is used when refferring to the battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943) in which the German Whermacht tried to overun the City of Stalingrad in Russia.
Durring Red October the Communist took power in Russia

Did you read 'The Hunt for Red October'? Great book! Also a good movie.

The Battle of Stalingrad, or "Red October" was one of the bloodiest battles in Human history.
by ww2wizzkid October 10, 2009
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That month, in Philadelphia, when the Phillies kick your ass and everyone goes apeshit.
Everyone: (soaked with beer, smashing cars in, running to broad street) RED OCTOBER MOTHAFUGGASSSSS!!!
by rwarrrrrrr October 18, 2010
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Red October is the phrase used to describe a man who has poison ivy on his penis, testicles, and the general area.
Intercourse, hand-jobs, blow-jobs, etc. during the Red October period constitute in the spread of Red October. Side affects will be similar to "crabs" and can be fixed with steroids.

Most notably, intercourse will cause female Red October. Men are most likely to carry Red October as they are most likely to piss in wooded areas.
by Bitchwrinkle August 8, 2006
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Named after the famous Russian submarine, Red Octobers are those once-in-a-lifetime turds that block the toilet. You can't flush them, you can't deal with them in the normal way. Toilet paper is a serious no-no with regards to Red Octobers as this merely increases the "gross" factor by twelve. If you see a Red October, the chances are that you'll need to call the emergency services.
"Mum! Can you call the Fire Bridgade, we've got a Red October here! I've tried the shower head but that doesn't work. Make sure they bring their bio-hazard suits this time!"
by Mr Ben February 7, 2005
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1.) Something (a person, animal, object, or anything) that is abnormally larger or bigger in size compared to the things around it.

2.) Something that is just pretty damn huge.

Origin: Red October is line taken from the Family Guy: Blue Harvest episode when they make the "RED" joke where they make various references of "RED" things such as Big Red (chewing gum) then they make a reference to a submarine by the name of Red October. But as they showed the image of Red October there were multiple spacecraft flying beside it that seemed much more smaller than Red October itself thus making Red October stand out in the crowd as a large object.
Ian: If you look at that huge building next to all of those small buildings it doesn't look right..

Kevin: Thats a Red October. LoL!!

Ian: Lulz
by Thrio July 11, 2008
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