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When you are eating out you girlfriend as she's having her period. Eventually you have blood all over your mouth then you make out.
by Jagerbombmeister March 02, 2009
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When the male having fucked his bitch ragged. Pulls his dick out of which ever hole he is fucking and continuously slaps her face with his throbbing penis. Producing a red welt on her face. Thus, giving the name the red dragon.
i pulled my trobbing member from her ass and pounded her face untill she screamed mercy from the dragon master.
by Red Dragon Master: Pikel July 21, 2003
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a sexual innuendo created by the Chinese restaurant "Red Dragon" which served cat(pussy) from 1999-2001 and cat(pussy) is another word for sex
i would love some Red Dragon right now
by ruddud August 28, 2010
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That wonderful week of the month where a female's vagina becomes a fire breathing monster because it's bleeding as if Chuck Norris kicked her between the thighs. Be careful around this woman, have chocolate and although everyone (including her) knows that she's being dramatic because her crotch is bleeding, don't EVER say it out loud to her. She will literally rip your head off
She has the red dragon. Pack your things, we're moving to Europe
by gooch26 April 06, 2016
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while recieving a blowjob,right befor you cum the woman/man karate chops your dick and blood comes out
your dog accidentally gave me a red dragon, but its ok
by David Josh Chino california April 28, 2008
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