when you lift a chubby disabled kids shirt up to expose his body to the public
you see that kid Trevor? yea i red dragoned him so bad, he almost fell out of his wheelchair
by kenneth wu March 14, 2011
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when you are having ass sex with a girl and you punch her very hard in the ass she will tighten up when she does that pull your dick out, this will rip the lining of her ass out, giving her a Red Dragon tail.
i gave kailey quinn a red dragon.
by dane johnson December 03, 2004
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When a male is fucking a girl on her, he pulls out his bloody dick and presses it against her body, leaving an imprint known as the red dragon
she was on her rag so I gave her a red dragon
by Brazier July 31, 2003
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A term that has come to describe an Asian male after consuming alcohol. Due to a reaction to the liquor some asians experience a full body blush. A.K.A "Asian Glow"
DEANE (to Luke): "What's wrong with Mikey? He's all red...is he sick?"
LUKE: "No Deane he's just a Red Dragon"
by Michael McElhiney September 09, 2006
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just like the white, gold and brown dragon but with a girls periods.
Omg i love it when i red dragon my boyfriend, S E A N.
by motgtht December 12, 2006
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when your fucking a girls mouth and you knock out her front tooth with your balls. Not only will she have dragon teeth, but blood will drip from her mouth like she just ate a live animal, thus the look of the red dragon.
Don't you give me that red dragon face....clean that shit up!
by Daillestpimp January 01, 2004
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cross between red wings and an aklaskan firedragon, when a guy is getting his red wings and the girl says something like 'I have vaginal herpes' the man tries to pull out of it but is chocked by the girl causing the period to burst out of his nose like a dragon.
Bob:*licking his way to his redwings*
Sally:*pulls Bob's head in close and whispers* 'hey cocksucker i have herpes'
Bob:*tries to wrench away but chockes causing the blood to spurt from his nose...Like a red dragon :D*
by Ginger-spam September 07, 2008
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