When your significant other misfires a romantic text and picture to you that was clearly meant for his mistress.
Jeff pulled a Red Dragon when he sent me that text and picture meant for his β€œother” girlfriend.
by Gigi Seagapo January 08, 2019
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its when you hit it from the back and thrust real hard making her cough up your cum as well as leaving her a red bruise on her ass
man im so mad caleb pulled a reddragon on me last night
by reddragon6579 October 05, 2017
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So we know what a white dragon. Well a red dragon is where a woman queefs with enough force to blast your throat with Grade A meat gravy, and it comes out your nose.
My boy Kyle just had his first Red Dragon...He just ain't been the same since.
by BunnyBrat June 10, 2020
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