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AKA a red faced bender who shags his dad until his asshole is as red as his face. He usually is as red as a tomato, originates from Redland and is usually called a clifford as well
That Tom Redhard/Rickard is such a red cunt
by bender_patrol May 18, 2011
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A middle-aged or elderly New Zealand male who has high blood pressure due to stress, genetics, etc. which causes a red skin tone. If you want to see prime examples of Red Cunts, please check out @redcunnt
Person 1: Hey, did hear about Charlie’s Dad?
Person 2: Isn’t he that Red Cunt?
Person 1: Yea, he’s red as fuck cause he works all the time.
by @redcunnt March 11, 2018
Happy St. Patties Day!