The made up cigarette brand in Tarantino's movies.
Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill: Volume 1 and in Deathproof.
(Deathproof) And get me some Red apple!

(Pulp Fiction)Bruce: A pack of Red Apple...and some lucifers.
by Jo§hY July 27, 2008
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Happens when a female yells out she's on her period while receiving oral sex from a man. Once the man's head pops up in surprise, the female then punches, knees, or kicks the man in the adams apple.
Francesca was getting the worst head of her life from Steve so she gave him a red apple to thank him for his troubles.
by Charlie4chicks January 22, 2009
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A Native American or Aboriginal person who, although looks Native on the outside, is considered a white person on the inside. Red on the outside, white on the inside. Can be used in a number of contexts:

1. It is sometimes used to express insecure envy towards anyone in a Native community who attains any measure of success.

2. It sometimes means the person is ashamed of being Native, lacks involvement with the community, or has lost touch with the culture.

3. It is also sometimes used to express contempt towards somebody who is perceived as selling out. e.g. Would help non-Native business screw over Native people if there was enough money involved.
Joe: He doesn't hang out with us anymore. It's like he's ashamed of us now.

Jim: Yeah, he's become a red apple.
by Feanor April 12, 2009
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Marlboro regular cigarettes popular with cowboys and carpenters
Hey Jock-o you got any Red Apples, my old-lady smoked all mine
by Jake Albanese October 5, 2003
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A weakness or flaw in any person (e.g in a snow white) causing the individual to be vulnerable or destroyed to any extent. The term derives from the red apple which poisoned Snow White in the tale 'Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs'. Someone or something that causes this flaw is termed a wicked witch and someone or something that removes the flaw is termed a prince charming.
Friend1: "How is your girl?"
Friend2: "We broke up she had one to many red apples."
by Sir Pink Panther April 11, 2006
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A premarital ritual in which a woman's virginity is tested by sleeping on white sheets. If there is blood on the sheets she gets a basket of apples, and will bury some of them. If there is no blood, then her finance must bloody the sheets by brute force and bury what was the soon to be wife.
You know love is in the air when you see a couple walking to the check out counter with new white sheets and a large axe for the Red Apple Ritual.
by Impudicus May 4, 2021
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When u are eating out as girl and she is on her period and blood goes in your mouth and you lick her vagina
I'm cheating on my wife and I got a red apple smoothie from a different school
by Voiddddd April 10, 2017
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