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A reverse boner. The act of being immediately and exceptionally turned off. Pronounced "rah-boner"
Boyfriend: "When my girlfriend farts, it gives me a reboner"


Girlfriend: "My boyfriend's Movember mustache gives me a reboner"
by CharlieMurphy13 November 21, 2010
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the fall of one erection after climax which then gives rise to another erection
Julba: "Hey Luke and Elliot, do you guys ever get done fucking your girlfriend, but still wanna have more sex?"

Luke: "Yeah dude, but the hardest part is getting a reboner, sometimes it takes like four minutes!"

Elliot: "I wanna put my reboner in a big bowl of puddin"
by Julbasaurus October 05, 2010
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Getting a hard-on too soon after cumming, and requiring you to punch your dick until it gets soft again, to avoid priapism.
"Shit man, I jerked off twice today, and my dick just got hard again. That re-boner shit ain't good for you, so I did a little preemptive strike with some fridge door slams. Problem solved."

"Uh. Word."
by zombieskin October 13, 2011
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