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a vary outgoing girl she’s never afraid to do what she wants she’s vary smart and cares a lot about others!! she has a lot of friends and also a lot of haters ! Shy at first but then acts wild and fun, she may get a little crazy. Jaylas are usually artistic. Jayla’s also have the most gorgeous eyes that you can just get lost in. Jayla’s Are good Problem solvers and are vary flexible with schedules. She WILL keep all of your secrets you share private, and she will never let you down.
Jayla: Hey do you wanna hang out tonight?
Friend: I can’t, I have to do my homework.

Jayla: I don’t have any homework but I could help you with it!
Friend: sounds great, Thanks!
by itsjaylaking December 26, 2017
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All right, why don’t you just compost me?
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Jayla is a true and honest friend she is also a Bad Ass and doesn’t let anyone or anything bring her down.She loves her friends and family and would do anything for her close family,friends. She is funny,loyal,hot,wild and has beautiful btown eyes
Boy/Girl:Hey who is that?.
Kid:Oh that is Jayla.
Boy/Girl: WOW she is hott
by Atx._.Jaylaaa12 October 20, 2018
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Jayla...A princess; Queen.
Not a ordinary female will change your life for the better won't ever find someone like her

Amazing girlfriend and will forever hold her man down don't ever lose a Jayla

Can be the sweetest person in the world until you cross her.
She stops people dead in there tracks with her beautiful hair and smile.

Plump booty and nice body.
Very out going.
Loves to be around Scorpios

Won't fall in love until she knows it's real rarely ever happens but when it does it's a beautiful thing until her heart gets broke she will soon turn into a raging bitch.
I'm so in love with Jayla
by Sarah the namer March 13, 2017
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Jayla is pretty shy bit when you get to know her she can be a bit wild.
People know her for her sarcasm. She is artistic and talkative when she wants to be. Jayla doesn't like to bring much attention to herself but can always take charge in small groups.

She is naive and trusts nearly anyone. She is very insecure about not only her body, but her personality and thinks everyone is judging her.

Jayla finds it hard to love someone but when she does, that love won't be gone for quite a long time.
by Littlehippo_moo March 22, 2019
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person who is funny as heck and she love to have fun whatever she think in her head she will say it no matter if it is mean or if it will hurt a person feeling she is open minded person
That Jayla is very open minded
by Jada rose October 23, 2015
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Jayla is a pretty girl,but she always doubt herself and say she not pretty.Jayla is really crazy,and hilarious.She hates fake people so much,and she don't play.She will be incoming then will she get to know people she will get outgoing.
Jayla:Was u talking smack about me,because you know I don't mess with fake people
Sidney:No when when when never!
by Jayjaydontplay December 31, 2018
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