Intimidating and cool-sounding term for telling somebody how bad you are actually gonna kick their ass.
"Yo mothafucka, step back or ima go real madrid on yo ass...bitch!"
"Oh, shit man! not real madrid on my ass"
by Andy Mac July 29, 2006
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A shitty full of money team, in which there are variety of actors who might actually win an oscar sooner than Leo Di Caprio .
-Hey mate,did u know that Ronaldo( i meant the whole fuckin* Real Madrid) fell and "broke his leg" and then scored a goal by penalty?
-HAAAHAHHAA.nothing new man.
by Themalebi4 October 2, 2014
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A overrated soccer team who thinks they're good because they pay refs to help them win but got kicked out of Copa Del Rey by Celta Vigo and they say it's an easy tournament but how come they're not in it? And they also call Barcelona(best in the world) "Uefalona even though the refs make calls against them and for madrid. Their attack is so weak they need a defender to score for them, their attack is made up of Ronaldo, the guy who misses open nets and dives and takes penalties to win, an overly aggresive monkey (Bale) and Benzema, who just speaks for himself.
"We're so good right here's the money UEFA now make Real Madrid win La Liga"
by Monkey Flab March 20, 2017
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1a club that makes the most amount of money in the world by:

a. Buying glamourous players. If u r not glamourous u get sacked, eg. great great coach del bosque.
b. Using glamour to increase fans around the world who buy their shirts and merchandise.

2. A club that where players dont play for their team and are famous for their ego issues.

3. A club known to destroy great players. Eg nisterooy, beckham, kaka etc.

4. a club that can pride itself being the second best team in spain ever since the death of their dictator franscesco.

5. the club whose most fans are bandwagoners. All the players they have heard of are or were in real madrid. Eg. Zidane, kaka, ronaldo-the fat one, ronaldo-the diver, carlos, beckham, nisterooy, owen etc.
A: do u watch football?
B: yeah i do...i love real madrid.
A: why??
B: its like watching sports entertainment like wwe where there is glamour, ego clashes and playacting... And i love watching ronaldo cry when messi scores.
by blazeofglory June 24, 2011
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cock-er-ney rhyming slang for "lid"
"i've got a secret but don't tell no one mate, alright, keep a real on it"

"two cups of tea to take away love, nice one, can you stick a couple of real madrid's on the top please love, don't wanna get tea all over me white van"
by uncle salty May 11, 2004
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A very comoon phrase you can hear during a Spanish football match If Real Madrid plays (specially during a derby against Atleti or a clásico against Barça). Means "Fuck Real Madrid".
by Alvaricles22 March 1, 2018
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