being real, or in other words amazing, good, or great at something. Refers to the soccer team real madrid who is arguably the best soccer team and the most popular.
people refer to the soccer team as being "real"...hence the phrase real like madrid
guy 1: yo I played alot of soccer over the summer
guy 2: i bet you still suck though
guy 1: nah bro im real like madrid now
by chocolate fever September 22, 2011
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Real Madrid was found on the floor overdosed on Coca reminiscing about Ronaldo
by Mo Salad April 30, 2019
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= Worst club in the world. All fans of this half club are gays, without any football understanding. All players, who have ever played in this club are the best actors, who deserve an oscar more than Leonardo Di Caprio. Madrid is also the worst city in the whole Spain, where only homeless people eat trash and support Cristina Penaldu.
by Best analytic May 19, 2022
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