GUY 1 : I Like Cheese I Like Cheese Cheese Cheese Cheese

GUY2: Pffft What A RD
by AMANDA-the great June 06, 2009
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raging definition, where your tv comes to life.
Hey my tv is rd
by Hi there 346 November 13, 2020
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A bitch ass phag who vapes🤢 but he’s a fine mf so we should fr hang
by Mark Harton March 22, 2018
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(R)epública (D)ominicana =RD

(D)ominican (R)epublic =DR
RD is colloquially widely used by Dominicans...
by FritoLay_809 March 23, 2020
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An abbreviation for "run down", particularly referring to a man over 30 who smokes meth and hops in and out of dumpsters and calls it a "side hustle". These men can typically be found in the company of fat, narcissistic deadbeat ran thru hoes, and both parties talk a big game but still live at home at well past 30 years old. The "RD" cannot think for himself, and hides behind the skirt of the aforementioned useless bitch during and confrontation, and the two engage in various acts of petty theft, cop calling and social puppeteering.
"Is RD still there? Of course he is, he never leaves her side."

"RD still lives with his mom, and wouldn't know a real struggle if it bit him in the ass."
by November 09, 2020
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