Short for Rusty Dick Syndrome.

Occurs when someone has extremely dirty and/or inactive genitalia.
Lou cant get girls. He must have serious RDS.

Sorry son, your RDS is too severe. You have 6 months to live.

Ya got RDS.
by Steve K wussup August 25, 2009
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Rais Disbol Syndrome
A contagious mental illness which makes you retarded
Bro, Brendon been saying some retarded shit today, think he caught RDS
by therealbredd March 27, 2020
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I am sorry that I cant go drinking with you lovely ladies tonight. Alcohol aggravates my RDS
by knightofzion June 25, 2011
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I almost fell on my face after trying to stand up from the porcelain god. I read for half an hour after pinching off a hot loaf and my legs were so numb I couldn't stand up. The RDS was so bad i had to use the cripple bar in the crapper just to pull my shorts up.
by Douglasazo January 12, 2006
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Relevance Deprivation Syndrome
Oh yeah that Mark Latham failed Australian politician just has RDS
by TheChairmanMeow March 8, 2017
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A serious condition where the affected get the uncontrollable urge to touch or grope those around them however can be treated with a harmless injection.
by Spaceship003 April 5, 2015
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really dumb shit. Can also be used in the medical field as RDS syndrome
Guy 1 walks into a door

Guy 2: Did your RDS just kick in?
by medic_in_training November 11, 2010
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