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An awesome person. The epitome of badass, essentially you dont wanna mess with Razvan. He is a ladies man and has sex, A LOT. Razvan is also known as Chuck Norris Jr. While not as awesome as Mr.Norris Razvan is awesome. Razvan is also Romanian therefore making him multi-lingual, allowing him to be badass in different countries.
Tom: Hey Jim, did you see Razvan today?
Jim: Yea hew was being badass and getting some booty
Tom: When is he not being badass and getting booty?
by Razman811 May 28, 2009
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A playing jerk. Also known as a douche bag. He goes out with multiple girls at once and makes them all believe that they are special, and makes them believe that they are the only one for him. If you ever see a Razvan or meet a Razvan run and hide or slap him.
Julie: Hey i met a Razvan the other day

Katherine: Really?

Julie: ya i did, and we made out why?
Katherine: Because i met a razvan a week ago
by ilovethewayyoulie March 28, 2011
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