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Rayonna means thick with small waist,has alot if friends and is never lonely.
Rayonna is cold-hearted.
by Rayonna (nae) May 19, 2019
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a cool girl who likes food, has a 167 IQ and plays video games and likes anime
Rayonna is NOT a voluptuous black woman
by vovoo123 June 05, 2018
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A voluptuous black woman, who enjoys bellydancing and midnight pilates. Rayonnas are usually promiscuous and enjoy giving sexual favors. They are usually quite chatty and only a good yank on their hair will make them shut up... That, or a dollar or two. Speaking of money, she can be bribed to do pretty much anything. And when we say anything, we mean literally ANYTHING.
You: Rayonna forced herself on me yesterday... It made me uncomfortable.
Me: She would.

You: I saw a Rayonna last night
Me: Yeah, now that she´s not in Math HL anymore, she´s got time for a social life.
You: But she´s a whore.
Me: True dat.
by MathHLFOREVER April 07, 2010
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