Ray is the middle name for the sexiest man alive he will have really sexy woman licking his butthole and choking and gagging on his big dick
I never thought I'd enjoy eating a mans ass until I met Ray

OMG yes

And now he has me giving anal too
by Air_jordan23 March 07, 2020
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A baseball team that started in 1998. They were in last place every year from 1998 to 2007. Then, in 2008 they changed their name from the "Devil" Rays to just the Rays. This "new team" is completely transformed and became the first team in MLB history to be the best team in the MLB after a year in which they were the worst team.
Did you hear about the Rays? They are in first place ahead of the Red Sox and Yankees.
by Booma August 27, 2008
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The most caring guy on this planet,understanding,sexy curly hair and just enough hair on his chest,always there for you,smarter then he gives himself credit for,the bestest cook i know,wants to only make you smile,says the sweetest things and actually means it,when he promises forever and a day count on him to take your breath away,my love,my everything,Ray.
Ray Ray knows how to make my day everyday
by eraddd December 02, 2010
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An Anglo-Portuguese expression with three meanings. One is positive and essentially means 'Awesome'. The second is the original meaning which is tacky or bad. The third meaning is a salutation similar to hello or whats up.
That Cambridge sweatshirt is ray.
That Cambridge sweatshirt is ray!

Person 1:Ray
Person 2:Hi, im good
by DI London July 10, 2011
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John Ray is kind, He is trust worthy, He is reliable and dependable. He hates to be disrespected and looked down on. He sucks at keeping to time, he has African time stucked in his system, he makes mistakes but when is confronted with his mistakes he never denies them, and he tries to correct them.
When he falls in love, he is the kind that would always try to be a better man for his woman.
He is funny, talks alot,has a loud voice that he cant seem to get under control...
He is smart and intelligent,He is a good cook for a man, especially since mostly men cant make a decent meal.
Dont expect perfection from him But expect a man who strives to be a better man everyday.
He is confident and bold,
He is passionate about everything he does.
He is Loves to tell his own story in his own way.
He is ambitious

He can get easily distracted
He makes a good lover.
And a good friend.
He will not steal from you, or cheat you, or even try to deceive you

He is contented with what he has.
Lasty He loves film.
by Bellagang February 06, 2020
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The most caring and loving guy in the world. He has the most beautiful eyes that make you forget anything that’s happening in the world. He makes you smile just by looking at him and fall in love with him. He may be a little weird but it’s okay because everyone is weird in their own way.
Ray makes me feel like there’s nothing in the world that could ever hurt me
by Loveisreal123 May 17, 2020
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