Ray has some good dick every female wants in their life he has really great sex and he's a really great ass grabber and kisser
I just had sex with Ray it was great
by Save yourselfs 2020 January 22, 2020
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A true definition of cuteness.he's loving kind and faithfull when it comes to matters relationship.a best friend you can ever have..
I was coverd by ray yesterday when it was raining..he's such a caring boyfriend
by Msafi July 30, 2019
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..A ray of sunshine in my life .. a man with an amazingly big penis that can satisfy you over and over.. a guy i want to live in a box, or flat, with forever and fall in love with..maybe. <3
omg he totally ray'ed her last night ;)
by iloveyourspikeyhair February 08, 2010
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Ray is a shorter version of Rachel. Ray, is smart and sexy. They have the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen and the are illuminated by the sun light. Ray's are confident, but they sometimes let fear keep them from doing what they really want to do. They work hard, and know what they want. However, they do not always know how to go about getting what they want. Most Rays are born in Spring, when everything is waking up from the grey of winter, and emerging with light and warmth in the months of March, April and May. Rays make the most honest best friends. They are trustworthy and kind. One can depend on a Ray for anything and everything. No matter what time of day, or where a Ray may be. Rays like nature, and the beach, they are ambitious and above all else, they are passionate. They are passionate in everything they do. From writing, to making love, Rays are born with passion in their blood, and a warmth inside of their hearts. A Ray is one of the kindest, most considerate person you'll ever meet, so make sure to greet them with open arms, and a smile, and they will be sure to never let you down.
I really do love me some Ray :)
Who, Ray? YEAH... I love her!
by CURIOUSBYNATURE March 29, 2011
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a man who is brown and gets down. a very attractive brown man.
damn, he's a real ray.
by olasaurus August 24, 2007
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Refers to a male whose appearance is hip, fresh and shiny like (x-)rays.
OR A male working/living in a radioactive environment.
"This ray is getting every woman he wants." ;-)
"This ray is working at the local power plant and shines like plutonium, therfore he needs no lamps."
by poison-chef August 25, 2006
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Ray is the best boyfriend ever. They care about you more than anything, they put you first before their own problems despite the fact they might be going through their own shit. They are very good looking and handsome and they lure you in with their looks. However, their personality is what makes you fall in love with them. It takes a bit for them to open up to you but once they gain your trust they will tell you their secrets and problems. They also support you with all your problems and aspirations and are trustworthy as fuck.
by claire owman April 13, 2019
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