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A male who has an uncanny ability to attract females. Often there isn't a clear explanation for his success, but none the less, always seems to have great luck with the ladies.
Dave: "Man, Steve always seems to have so much luck with girls I just don't get it."

Nate: "I know, he is such a lady slayer."
by drmw July 10, 2008
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A exotically attractive male that has a mysterious charm. Women generally gravitate towards these types of men due to their unique style and tastes. Generally well dressed but not always. Usually well-spoken but somewhat reserved. They are masters of language and can read women very well. A lady slayer can seduce any woman if he wants but is usually very selective.

He’s the guy you knew back in college who would walk into a bar or party and within the first 10 minutes be making out and towards the end of the night he’s leaving with that hot blond you were checking out earlier.
Did you see Ryan leave the party with that cheerleader earlier?

Yeah bro, that guys a total lady slayer..
by fritz714 August 20, 2014
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