Rays are the sexiest girls you’ll ever meet and you would be lucky to get close to one sexually. If Ray is used as an abbreviation of Rachel that means that they can be very aggressive, a Ray would punch someone in the face without thinking twice and just walk away but if you mess with someone that is close to her you’re getting your ass beat. Rays are very sensitive when it comes to opinions, so arguments are not advised.
by Will the wise August 05, 2019
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A short half Mexican who really enjoys the female butthole tounge fucking licking stroking or just strutting his stuff he can make you cum out of your booty
I took Ray to the park and we had a picnic and not even thirty minutes there he was eating out my ass it's like we can't go anywhere
by Thirdlegtribe78 February 08, 2020
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I just saw your rays at the super market. I had dinner with my grandrays yesterday.
by HJB September 28, 2005
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Mean, hates kids, always grumpy. Tall, hazel eyes, and smells weird. Usually single
Friend: have you found the special girl yet?
Ray: no nobody will talk to me
by Cheerleader1119 December 01, 2015
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(1) n. a name often given to the male species. means "one who likes it in the butt".
(2) v. to accidentally let out a little poop with flatulence. see also shart.
(1) Ray is a great catcher.
(2) Dude, we gotta go. I just ray'd a little in my pants.
by JT$ October 23, 2006
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