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- for a name can be male or female, but is usually female.

- Source of light

- A term used usually in the Northern parts of the UAE, to
describe an attractive female, usually with an impressive
figure, an incredibly sexy and attractive girl beyond
belief, the most amazing person you will ever meet.

- When a person is both cute AND sweet TOGETHER
- People with this name are normally gorgeous and
amazing to know.

- brown-nigga. A brown person who believes they are

- rabbi's wife ; (Reform Judaism) female rabbi ; (Jewish
ritual) a woman who teaches brides the laws of family

- a beautiful unique girl who is incredibly fun and wise.
loud and has a lot of spunk.
girls wanna be her, guys wanna have her.
often immitated, but never replaced.
an honest and loving person who isnt afraid to speak the

- People with this name tend to be balanced, and receptive
to cooperation. They are the ideal partner and seek
peace. It is important for them to learn how to speak up,
or they may be taken advantage of. Sometimes they can
get stuck on too many details and have feelings of
"Where is that ravneet of light coming from?"

"oh my lord, look at that ravneet!"

"I wish I were a ravneet girl."

"He/She always thinks he/she is ravneet, they have to realize they are brown!"

"Ravneet will teach a class before our wedding."
by son.pod12 February 12, 2010
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A person who is very gunda type and very sweet is a source of light
He is very famous as ravneet

He can have more attitude but not more than ravneet
by Kay berry May 02, 2018
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