Ratticus is a pimp, he slapped my mum `cause she didnt count his money
"BITCH, better count my money"
(Gunfire) *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka* *Dakka*
by Jesuit-Monkey May 29, 2004
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Possible the 1337357 rat ever, he hacks and view porn in his sleep. It is a not very widely know fact the he pulls 45 drive-bys daily, mostly on mice and other non-ratlinke rodents.
"Im am teh 1337357 |-|4xx0r 3\/4, except for Ratticus cause he haxx0red my eyeball"
by Ratticus January 16, 2004
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This one time I was talking to him in DC and he shot me in the head from the other side of the map, then I died.
by omg_asl_cyber February 15, 2004
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Man Ratticus is so 1337 he haxX0red my mobo then overclocked it with a metal-working lathe.
by Eddie Parkinson May 30, 2004
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The greatest strategy to implement on Fortnite. Based in peace, you do not pick up any weapons. You pursue Runner Up Royale 2nd place victories utilizing traps, mobility items, and hiding.
Do you play Fortnite? Yeah dude, I practice Ratticus Stratticus though, I'm a pacifist.
by The GrundleWhisperer September 17, 2018
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A snazzy blog that tells the tales of fashion through the eyes of Rat, Bus, and their many friends
Hey did you see Ratticus Finch's new post?

Sure did! I liked the shoes that Rat wore.
by meremaid January 17, 2013
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Derived from character "Atticus Finch" from classic "To Kill a Mockingbird". Variation of name, customised to describe a juvenile youth also referred to as a Towny, Scally, Chav, Cunt. The addition of the letter "R" is necessary to emphasise the rodent like qualities of these particular individuals.
by Boo Rattley October 22, 2003
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