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Basically like lashing out , but picking on the smallest things.
An example of "Rashing" someone is by correcting your friends grammer and punctuation , like when she asks you a question but puts an exclamation mark at the end of her sentence .
by explicit content November 12, 2014
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An unwanted person following you or a group of friends in order to try look popular, but failing to do so and getting no attention or respect from the group. Usually walks behind the group and doesn't talk at all.
Liam was totally rashing on our group yesterday, it was fucking annoying!
by domskii February 06, 2010
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the action of people "usually african american" running away from the police, and or law enforcment usually brought on by the act of being an idiot.
bro, we were obvi rashing SO hard last night, after we were done being crunch at the club.
by cruncher 23 July 07, 2009
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Coined by world-renown wordsmith and slang expert, SlangMan, it means "to do something to someone". Or the act of doing something to a friend, peer, enemy, or really anyone.
"Bro, can you believe how Johnny is RASHING me?"
"You gotta stop RASHING that homie, dude...."
by USC Holmey May 29, 2019
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