Basically like lashing out , but picking on the smallest things.
An example of "Rashing" someone is by correcting your friends grammer and punctuation , like when she asks you a question but puts an exclamation mark at the end of her sentence .
by explicit content November 12, 2014
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Rashe: Eyes that shine, passionate heart, compelling romantic, genuinely loveable presence, undeniably intelligent, excellent girlfriend to have, protective of her partner, kind soul and a smile that lights up a room.

Rashe thinks before she speaks and is a pleasure to talk with. Her demeanor is mesmerizing.

Rashe is out of the ordinary. Her looks are the beginning of the journey with her, her soul beams brighter than her amazing beauty. To know her is to love her.

A Rashe is also an intensely unbelievable kisser.
by Paulina Dejas February 04, 2010
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he is the best person in the world, he is so kind and cool . he is so sexy. he is a very nice person
omg his name is rashed so he is so cool
by wwsefggtdg November 07, 2019
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An irritation on the skin which induces either a burning or itching sensation. This same sensation and/or irritation can be felt on forums known as the handle: Rash or Rash The Bong Samurai
Rash ruins are chat and message boards with his racial slurs and redundant slanders.
by Michael Schmitt February 22, 2005
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An extreme or irrational decision or choice with little consideration for the consequences, usually because you're just so RASH
"Dude, buying this snake was pretty rash"

"In a moment of rashness I cut off my nose"

"Mate, I just drank four bottles of bleach!"
by assbandits December 18, 2012
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A nice, kind friend that is VERY moody and sometimes so mean.
Ugh, he’s so Rashed”
by cool4ux10 April 16, 2019
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to tell off, call out, or otherwise put-down/assualt verbally
best watch your mouth, 'for i gotta rash you
by charlie January 21, 2005
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